Advertising on Sun board

Advertising on sun board


ADVERTISING ON SUN BOARD, In the modern world, all of us aware of display board that is a part of signage. A major portion of every inside a public place or even in the small workplace is captured by small to large sun board. in the form of cutouts sun board or direct UV print on sun board, Advertising on sun board of various product of different companies. You can see large scale branding through this medium advertisement in hospital, educational institution, hotels. Due to the light weight of this stuff easily can be paste on to the wall.

Advertising on sun board, the print process

Shivani Enterprises offers several types of method of making advertising on sun board as Direct UV Printing On Sun Board and Print Vinyl & Paste on to Sun board and color combination with brand as making base color of sun board and matching surface where have to placed sun board easily as per space we have in various location, all are in the fray to highlight their name and fame. So, no need to explain any more about the sun board. However, in brief we can say it is a major medium of advertisement by companies, service providers, and institutions with its brand. Printing method of different types of sun board required highly technical knowledge. Shivani Enterprises a company having state of art in-house facility serving its clients for several years. Before printing any SUN BOARD we have to keep in mind where it would be displayed i.e. indoor or outdoor. The sun board for indoor areas is normally made with lightweight and portable flatbed as direct printing done on sun board or eco-solvent print on vinyl and mounted. Required thickness for that is 3 mm -5 mm any shape cut out you require we do the same way. cutout stand, The sun board made of in 3 layer as both side paper with white clay coated and inside propylene with plain surface easy to paste print smoothly. Now a day’s technologies are being developed day by day even stuff is plain or textured or not even as high tech machines flatbed UV printer get print direct UV print on sun board as well as custom big size and shape up to 6’x8’ large single piece and automated cutting un fade-able printing long lasting stuff for designing you can help.

we can print sun board sheet entirely 6’x8′ solvent and eco-solvent ink compact able on sun board stuff directly and paste on sun board and also direct on sun board UV flatbed print easy to get print sooner and economical than print and mount on sun board it became error while vinyl peel out and paste on sun board remain air between sun board and vinyl come out in the form of bubble but direct print onto sun board don’t required to laminated however according to client’s requirement it can be done either matte lamination or with gloss lamination finishing. It can be installed double side tape due to lightweight, easy to cut, plain surface gives awesome indoor and outdoor branding. Being low cost it is feasible for small business retail owner apart from corporate industry. Large format cut out & prints for point of sale stand out in front of shops. vinyl on sun board printer Munirka, laminated Sun Board Shivani Enterprises undertake the various product of advertisement purpose.



Business Card Silk Printing

Business Card Silk Printing

Process is used for short run and speedy work because basic cost is very low. In this process screen printing is, ruff & tuff stuff paper can be print screen easily in short time and economically. In screen printing process accuracy come for a limited size as it is moreover done manually. According to required outcome in screen printing used screen (small or bigger hole mesh) quality. In this process opaque ink is applied on printing stuff through mesh (nylon cloth) made of very small hole. One time only one colour can be print. If desired to see your print embossed or raised you can get through enamelled ink quality. Overall per unit cost comes low compared to offset printing on same quantity. Full colour cannot be print with high resolution quality.

Design Process :

While making a design have to keep in mind as dot can’t print more than 170 DPI easily and gradient colour each colour must be apart to get best business card in screen printing works are done manual as there are more chance to merge registration colour

Print Process :

Process is very simple first of all a screen (very small hole cloth stretched with wooden frame) a stencil (artwork to be print) is preparing through computer or sketch, thereafter dichromate (chemical) applied on whole screen and put it in dark area till dry out properly, keeping stencil on dry screen, exposed in ultra violet light for a specific time thereafter whole screen washed in water, area of stencil covered screen washed out properly and rest area harden (blocked screen) when opaque ink is pressed by stopper on printing stuff through screen then ink passed from only washed out screen, so finally ink print come out on printing stuff. We offer screen printing visiting card as it feels raised letter one or more than one colour, very small and slim font cannot print properly, there are so many quality screen as 80 no. screen, 120 screen, 140 screen as to enhance printing quality make sharper. These print impressions are known as spot printing.

Shivani Enterprises is an online Designing | Printing | Advertising company based In Delhi India at 249/2 Opposite Vasant Vihar Bus Depot, Rama Market Munrka New Delhi 10067, Tel: 91 9213123897, 91-46091624, Email:,


Offest Printing

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a process to make a print for bulk quantity printing purpose such as educational books, brochure, magazines, newspaper, packing wrapper materials etc. on high volume 80% of printing work done by this process there are two types of offset printing technologies each type of offset printing process is same. It is an oil-based ink process known as lithography.

1. Sheet feed offset: Sheet print flat and rectangle shape, one by one pass into the press and come out with complete printing, in this process any kinds of stuff can be print like paper, plastic, fabric etc, as per prescribed thickness. flat size start 11.692”x8.268” to 28”x40”, paper, plastic, and metal etc. per unit cost is higher compared to web offset.

2. Web offset: One-time pass one roll form and complete entire job there after the cut and fold to finish job overall covered this process as news, magazines large-scale works are done in shot time basic cost is too high, per unit cost is very low in bulk qty. even that is roll form as paper, foil, Bopp packaging materials or flat sheet this process is known as offset printing.

How it works: Overall sheetfed and web offset printing process is the same. First of all, artwork what I have to print in offset design burn into the metal plate as “cyan, magenta, yellow and black” each separate metal plate known as CYMK in short as a processed color also and Pantone color can be used instead of processed color. Next step is these separate CYMK plate design transfer onto different color rubber blanket rolls different color blanket run with separate color when media (paper) comes to the contact by press between a rubber roll and metal plate final print production.

Why we choose offset printing?

1. Best print image quality without missing spot and streaks

2. Color separation in equivalent on any material

3. Fast print process

4. For bulk quantity per page, the unit cost comes less price compare to the digital print process

For more info click here

Why ignore?

1. High unit price on low volume/low sheet run job

2. Required more time as compared to digital

3. High risk if get any error, as it takes more time, need to review files, set up the press, make plates make sure proofs are approved before they can even get started printing your job.

Shivani Enterprises is an online commercial Designing | Printing | Advertising company based In DELHI, INDIA at 249/2, Opposite Vasant Vihar Bus Depot, Rama Market Munrka New Delhi 10067, Tel: 91 9213123897, 91-46091624, Email:,,;

Embossed Printing

Embossed Letter Printing

Embossing means something raised from the surrounded label when we touch and feel it, in this process letters come out after getting it print and developed, Quality earlier it was done compared to now a day done very poor and got a long time to make that. but as of now modern technologies for utmost quality with CNC machinery produce best quality print and embossed finish letter with 99.99% accuracy look the way you wish. Give a nice look embossed letter printing in Visiting card, letterhead, invitation card etc.

Latest Technology

There are two types of the embossing process

1. Quality of ink with heat printing method as crystal UV

2. Through male and female metal die pressure

Following option no.1: Front embossed, and backside remain, technically when a liquid chemical applied on stuff front side (targeted objected) and come on contact with heat, then chemical raised upside and the product became ready looks good and embossed.

Option no. 2. Embossing letter printing through male and female metal dies pressure, these dies are made of brass, zinc or aluminum in this embossing process required male and female for each object you required to emboss, first of all, make two computerized metal raised-die and de-raised-die, and keep an object between the male and female die and pressurized upside then front side embossed and back side became de-embossed. You could have been seen very lovable invitation card you that memories again and again

When we touch and feel it give very imaging feelings as like logo or brand image, logic behind it is the area we want to Emboss printed area or blind made a (zink or brass) metal die set of male (raised) and female (de raised) according to stuff thickness as per embossing height depends on stuff thickness people make inexpensive materials to high light their brand. Whenever printed paper come into contact between the male and female die and pressed then produced embossed letter printing.

Old Method

Earlier it was done embossing letter printing through specific powder and a heat process. In some cause it happens powder adhered to the embossed stuff, quality comes very worse secondly if stuff is not resistant when heats on stuff color turn to yellowish and curled. the other option metal die was prepared by hard acid output accuracy reduced 7-10%. As passing time technology has been changed the quality of embossing have been the computerized effect is quality improved and time saved.

Shivani Enterprises is a Designing | Printing | Advertising company based In Delhi India at 249/2 Opposite Vasant Vihar Bus Depot, Rama Market Munrka New Delhi 10067, Tel: 91 9213123897, 91-46091624, Email:,

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design :

Graphic Design services are used at the time of launching a new brand by a company. It is very important part of illustrations, layout and creativity factor. As it is said “Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai” means whatever attractive is sold first. If the creative graphic design is undertaken by any advertisement agency for its products like (Business Collateral, Newsletter, Flyer, Dangler, Booklet) it should be designed professionally.

The graphic design help to attract customers. The visual solution of a product is required to make a product attractive and to impress a customer. A professional team design printing accordingly to the theme of the company or its products like (offset, screen, gravures, sublimation, digital and many more printing.) The professional designer team designed them as per defined printing method parameters that help for perfect printing and packaging quality. Our high-end design team did it according to the quality of the paper (GSM, plain or textured base) and maximum accuracy.

Graphic design services

Shivani enterprises a best graphic designer in Delhi NCR. Its expertise team provides high-quality graphics designing and creativity services. Shivani enterprises provide services in the business to business and individual and in every aspect of the designing and printing work. They are well-acquainted how to design graphics concept, according to the theme of the company such as a brochure, catalogue, flyer, newsletter, presentation folder etc. and its product looks. As per stuff to be design printed high quality printing, bleed, manipulation of Image in order to using high DPI for various industries as pharma sector visual aid, IT, real estate, jewelers, textile etc. related product as event promotional or regular stationary and advertisement material according their concept and prints as per their design.

We understand how important a good graphic design service is in all business categories. We provide state-of-the-art graphics designs with quick turnaround time and an affordable service startup or established business. We use the latest design software and skilled graphic designers to create all your advertising & marketing needs. To avail services you can login or contact us at, 01146091624

Brochure Printing

Brochure printing

Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing is a marketing tool. Introduced by a marketing company or an organization to their prospects and clients about their contact, product details with info graphics and benefits etc. It helps to sell to generate revenue. It’s a single piece with a variation of Half Fold, Try Folds, Z folds and Multi Folds with multi-product info. The brochure may have a variety of paper and sizes with single or more panels to maintain equal margins, balanced text, format, bleed, background color pattern and picture manipulation etc. Obviously, Brochure paper printing range starts from 170gsm to 350 gsm, thickness. Attractive and eye-catching brochure size as per standard open size A5, 11.692″x8.268″ (A4), 16.53″x11.692″ (Fold to A4), 11.692″x24.75″ and custom size. For protection and looks wise better can be made in another application such as Varnish. Lamination, UV and Die-Cut Shape brochure also.

Brochure Artwork Design :

A creative brochure strengthens your brand and leads your customer to the sale points The first part to make an Eye catchy brochure comes to graphic designer’s challenge as well as layout, image, and manipulation of contents and what about product or services brochure is? maybe impress content or graphics visualization to the reader. It leaves a great massive to your competitor. Now in a digital world, it is said “a picture is enough than 100 of words” no one has time to read entire contents, just want to see at a glance what features product contained in visual. While designing to keep in mind, brochure reader’s age wants to see vibrant color or calm color. It is observed such new age group love to see vibrant color and old age want to see calm color. That’s .would be better. Secondly size also a part of the brochure making comfortable to hold and read it. If there are multi-product brochure we must keep size smaller or multi-fold brochure easy and read it,

How to select the best quality of brochure printing paper?

While we are planning to make a best quality brochure printing we should think first of all about design we have made for it. If there are content and infographic with the solid background we should avoid texture and grained paper because during printing the depth of color reduce on to paper and finally result produce inferior quality. So avoid solid background on the textured result will be oriented. The design we have made multicolored, with a solid background suggested to selected fine art card, you can get as per according to your budget range from 170 gsm to 350 gsm matte or gloss finished.

Print Process :

Digital & Offset Printing: Usually, brochures are printed either digital or offset printing process, planning of printing is made on the basis of quantity, whether it is small or long run project. The digital process applied in the short run print and offset for long-run project print. Offset printing technologies work lithography technique. Any size of brochures can be print easily in this process wherever some boundary in digital process point view of various sizes of the brochure can be printed in this process. Offset printing is the best and fast printing option for a brochure.

Brochures are printed in CYMK format whereas CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Pantone color (special color). In this process first of all data (text and image) transferred on to 4 separate CTP (computer to plate) particularly cyan, magenta, yellow, black thereafter transferred on rubber blanket, when paper pass between blanket and impression pressure roller then rubber blanket leave impression on paper and print finally comes out.

Post Press and Finish :

Basically, this process is done for making the safety of the product, color and lookswise make better. The aqueous coating, gloss lamination, matte lamination, UV coating, folding, die cut and are made. Matte lamination or gloss lamination depends on it who will see this brochure, done according..

Shivani Enterprises is a one-stop online Custom Brochures Designing click here | Printing | Premium Brochures | Corporate | E-Brochure Design | Prospectus Design company. Shivani Enterprises offers Digital | Offset A5, A4, A3, Custom Size Brochure Printing in Delhi NCR INDIA. We have a skilled and experienced team of creative layout designers and content writers as you know that brochure printing procedure.

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Business Card Printing

Business Card Printing

Business Card Printing

Business card printing is a very important tool of business and marketing. It is known as different names in the market as well as visiting card, business card, calling card and name card and many more…. It tells much itself about what you are. Because it bears complete information on it, as well as your name, your designation, address, email, social media contact, QR codes, services, your business, trade mark etc. An attractive and well branded business card leave huge effect without speaking a single word about your presence in the market, your brand and services, as you know it is said that first impression is the last impression. It gives you not only a great impression but it save your time also, if you offer your product or services to your prospective in a business meeting at that time if prospective have no requirement, then he may keep your card for future requirement and he may call you as per their requirement. If you have no business card you lose your business. For Designing click here. If Business card printing look a awesome then your prospective make special corner to safe for future reference to make likewise.

Paper Quality:

First impression is the last impression, so to make it memorable paper collection is major factor. It depends on graphics or text have to get print. to get print text or vector, paper quality you can select texture or grained. Printing on images or graphics required paper smooth to fix ink high density to look better, you can use 300 gsm art card matte or gloss.


Printing Process:

There are various method of business card printing such as screen printing, digital printing, leaf printing.

Post Press Work :

Look matte finish or gloss you can select lamination

What we do.

Shivani enterprises is a professional designer, printer and advertiser so it takes a pride to serve best quality, price and services of visiting card to our clients. There are so many elements to make a memorable business card as design (appropriate size, image manipulation, resolution, bleed, color combination etc.), card stuff and quality (textured, plain, colored, card thickness, super quality, premium quality, metallic quality, transparent business card printing), image quality (low or high resolution), print quality, touch & feel (mate, gloss, lamination, varnish, UV), shape & size (standard, custom, rectangle, round corner, any shape as per customer demand) etc. Shivani enterprises offer different form of printing technologies in-house facility from consulting, designing, printing to dispatch through authenticated renowned, state of art quality to full-fill our clients requirement as digital, screen, offset, leaf printing, embossing, De-embossing etc. keep in mind of corporate branding as company registered color, size and another parameter as per company branding instruction provided. We have a various option of business card printing for small, medium and corporate industries as per their requirement as economical, medium and exclusive quality range.

Business Card Printing Services

Shivani enterprises provide services across the globe, you can reach us or place an online order on following link or you may reach us following 09213123897. Our sale team will always feel happy to assist you better. If you feel worried about what kind of printing apply, you can choose eye catchy business card just ring up 01146091624 our expert will assist you 7x24x365 days. For advertising click here

Catalog Printing

Catalogue Printing

Catalogue Printing

Catalogue Printing, well-designed catalog can have a great impact on the prestige of the company. If you have a non-professional catalog it will directly affect your reputation. A catalog is just a booklet that contains the publicity material of a company’s products or services. This print material is very common these days and can be seen in almost every business promotion campaign. It is considered in multi-page items printing.

Catalogs Printing not only tell your customers who you are and what you offer but also have the ability to pitch promotional offers and make ordering perfectly easy on each and every page. A catalog is a well-arranged document with Image in booklet form, also known as a catalog, to sell product or Service of a specific trade. Catalog printing is the better way to reach out to customers, in which product information in brief with multi-product list, A good catalog leaves a heavy impact than a salesman. mostly a product or service catalog is complete info of company profile, contact address, email, web address etc. mostly used corporate to present to dealers, authorized distributors with rate list categories wise and brand wise updated time to time. Various types of product know more click here

Catalog printing feature

ShivaniEnterprises designs a catalogue as per industries to industries (jeweller, IT, grocery, furniture, travel etc.) requirement products colour & Images combination with content, offer standard size A5 and A4, paper thickness 130gsm – 350gsm art paper gloss, matte finish, imported paper, coated uncoated apply high technologies printing machines, binding depends according no. of pages whether saddle stitch or perfect Bind as per customer requirements, offering process color and SPL color with varnish, UV coating, lamination for decent look to keep in mind for economical, our innovative expertise team check at every step of process, before dispatch. always ready to guide through email, Live Chat, online 24x7x365 Day. click here more info

What we do

Shivani Enterprises offers our customers & prospective client through online catalog printing services in Munirka Delhi-NCR India. Facilitating file checkup, online pdf proof, minimum printing turnaround with pan India delivery system. Catalog printing is long lasting investment and marketing tools & help to produces big size revenue for your company.

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Envelope Printing

Envelope Printing Munirka

Envelopes Printing

Envelopes Printing are basically packaging materials made of coated, non coated, handmade paper, inside need with self-adhesives to peel out and seal important stationary items as cheque, quotations, letters, invoice, invitation card, brochures so on… Shivani Enterprises offer with window and non window, big and small, opening from top or side with laminated or non laminated. Standard sizes 10×4.5, 10×12, 10×14, 12×16 inch, paper thickness 70 gsm to 130 gsm. In which pre-printed senders name and address, at the time of posting letter receivers name and address written by hand or stickers pasted on it. Sometimes returned to the senders address in cause of undelivered due to receivers address changed or any other reason. Envelopes are very important for official documentation. Mostly letters presented in company are printed as brand, company name, logos are considered professional. Besides official envelopes printing different kinds of colorful envelops are made for various use. Printed envelopes help to short out and delivery personnel to delivery soon. We are offering different kinds and size of envelope printing of economical and exclusive as per various types of company as per their requirement. For Printing price click here

How we do envelope printing

Shivani Enterprises is a fast leading Envelope designing, printing, service providing company. We are based in Delhi near Indira Gandhi International Airport (India). There are two different types of envelope window and non window printing. Several factors should be considered when deciding what type of printing process would best for your requirements. Our envelope printing is a speedy and highly competitive way of sourcing a short run and large quantity of envelope for your every requirement. We do print envelopes on high quality paper stock & defferent sizes. Please select any envelope printing option as per need and Shivani Enterprises is a place where you’re all envelope printing requirement end.

For security purpose Shivani Enterprises team design and print with graphics and color, on quality paper, with opaque color quality printing in high privacy to keep confidential, important document and offers unique style envelope for special occasions as wedding, birthday, opening ceremony, gift items with skilled and professional teams. You can Place an order through online envelope printing services in Delhi-NCR India. Our designing, printing and advertising team always keen to help our prestigious client round the clock. Various types of material we provide for you for more click here

Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing Munirka

Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing is an advertising medium. Flyers used for commercial and non-commercial advertisement. Usually, it’s a single leaf and standard size it may be A4, A5 or any other size. It is printed on single or both sides with an advertising message and contact details. It’s also known as well as a Handbill, Leaflet, Handout, Pamphlet and Newspaper Inserts etc. Flyers are often distributed hand on hand or inserted in newspaper advertising in bulk quantity and as handbills given to customers by local retailers. They often accompany a formal letter to expand the information in the letter. For the local retailer, flyers offer market coverage at low cost with little waste and good flexibility. However, flyers have a high throwaway rate. Except for flyer, other promotional advertisements material goes high rate such product materials costly per unit price.

Design and Papers

Eye catchy design and better content flyer can grab more customers. While we are making attractive design depends, how much quality image and content we have and manipulated in it, as well as required for best quality flyer printing content and image in 300 DPI where DPI refers to Dot Per Inch. Point view of cost, the paper factor is very important to make flyer more economical because overall 80% cost comes on only papers. You can adjust it according to your budget. Usually, flyer printing paper used 75 gsm paper onward, multicolor flyer printing on coated or non-coated can be done in the best quality. if you are thinking to make the flyer in a single color and very cost effective you may choose non coated multi colour paper such as yellow, pink, green and blue in 60 gsm also. You want to advertise high quality promotional material you may click here

Digital and Offset Print:

Print flyer is get done print through digital or offset printing in multi-color or the single color. We required in low number flyer, click digital flyer printing as there is no setup charge in this process, ultimately per flyer cost comes low. Besides it long quantity we must go through offset printing. If you a small-scale industries easy way to capture your prospective in a nearby area people gather or see each other through handouts. Companies used flyers to increase sale and politicians also used to share their information with their audience in which details of product\information are printed with company info, product, service details etc. It’s very easy way to reach & scatter information to the newly opened company or new product launched, distribution is done through newspaper, magazines, individual, flyers are very cost effective and handy to handle and printed single side or both side according to content.

What We Do :

Shivani Enterprises is an online printing services provider company in Delhi | NCR | INDIA. We are based at 249/2, Rama Market Munirka New Delhi, Opposit Vasant Vihar Bus Depot New Delhi India. We have Design Studio and stat-of-art in house printing facility. It’s are open 24hrs x 365day in a Year. To get help and online quotation you may call 011-46091624, 9213123897, E-mail us :;

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Greeting Card Printing

Greeting Card Printing in Munirka

Greeting Card Printing

Greeting Card Printing is a folded or single leaf card bearing a message of greeting, congratulation, or other sentimental, usually sent or given on a special occasion, holiday, new year. A greeting card is more personal than a postcard, more memorable than a letter, and more likely to be kept and shared with others. It is a friendly gesture that is genuinely appreciated and well reciprocated by the consumers and prospective clientele alike.

We offer Greeting Card Printing for your marketing needs at a reasonable price. Produced on top-of-the-line digital presses /offset printing that undergo daily colour calibration for the color you expect on your project, place order we ensure that you receive the best possible greeting cards at an unbelievable price. We offer folded and both side full-colour printing greeting cards. for more info click here

Greeting card printing process

Our printing quality is unmatched in the industry. A Greeting Card Printing is a decorated card with a message of good wishes, in which mentioned the sentiments of the sender to recipients on a special occasion ( Christmas Greeting cards, New Year, Congratulations, Good Wishes, Custom Holidays & so on…) Earlier people used to send Greeting Cards personally but now a day Companies also to keep in touch with their customers have a trend to send Greetings occasionally. usually Greeting cards are sent Pre-Printed / Customized with their own sentiments enveloped marked we create unique designs as per occasions with shape (square, rectangle, ovals…) and stencil in standard sizes 8.5″X11″ (folds to 8.5″X5.5″), 7″X10″ (folds to 7″ X 5″) & customized sizes with Glossy/Matte Paper Stock 300 GSM to 250 GSM Supar Quality, Metallic Papers, Art cards folded 1-2 fold option multi color, Opeque color printed & silver and gold leaves, UV coated cards. Shivani Enterprises offers through online, NEFT, Cheque Facility to customers Shivani Enterprises have in-house facility to design, print, pack, delivered system. Shivani Enterprises offered minimum turnaround 2-3 business day & shipping in India 5-7 working days across the country for Flat, 1/2 folded, 2 fold Greeting Card, Process colour/Opaque Color Greeting Cards, Shivani Enterprises is a well-known company in the world for committed to delivering in printing sectors along with quality. for pricing click here